Russelloy's Iron Molding Operations

Video Tutorials

No Bake Molding Process.
Russelloy Foundry is replacing our entire green sand equipment with a CUTTING-EDGE NO BAKE SYSTEM that will run almost any type of tooling.
We will be FIRST East of the Rockies with this semi-automated Molding Machine. We are able to use tooling from:  BMM, B&P, Hunter, SInto, Shell and more! There is MINIMAL COST to adapt tooling. This will allow us to have short lead-times (6-8 weeks) and 3-4 times increased capacity.

Green Sand Molding Animation.

This video explains green sand molding using Unigraphics NX software..

Green Sand Molding Video.

This video demonstrates aluminum small squeezer molds, Russelloy Foundry pours Iron in large cope and drag molds that can result in castings as large as 1500 pounds.