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As part of our corporate responsibility, we are assuring our customers that Russelloy Foundry is partnering with companies that:


  1. Utilize fair labor practices and as a policy do not use or have sub-contractors that use minor, prisoner, or forced labor.  And our partner suppliers (Where allowed) allow the work force to organize and freely communicate to management.  Our supply chain is verified to comply with the responsible materials initiative (RMI) and is reviewed regularly.

  2. Having Documentation showing compliance with all environmental standards for the country and locality for which you and your subcontractors are located.

  3. Refrain from using conflict materials and provide Russelloy Foundry with products that are free from substancesof very high concern (SVHC) and are RHOS, REACH, and Proposition 65 compliant.

  4.  Identifies and has a procedure for handling and labeling hazardous material and can provide material safety Data sheets for all exported material and chemicals used on product upon request.

  5.  Maintain safety record and have a system for corrective safety Measures should an accident occur.

  6.  Has a risk management plan that includes (but not limited to):


  • Addressing force majeure situations

  • Financial stability

  • Raw Material availability

  • Equipment Failure

  • Work force availability

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