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Letter From

President at Russelloy

Dear Valued Customer, 


Russelloy Foundry is a privately-owned business that resides in Durant, Iowa. Since 1951 we have been producers of castings that range from a few pounds to 1200 pounds.

This foundry is primarily a "jobbing shop" with the majority of our castings being used in pump, power transmission, and heavy industry applications. Our specialty is short to medium volume production that is heavily cored. 

In 2020 we converted our foundry from a cope & drag greensand foundry to a Palmer UMM no-bake system. This new technology allows us to run all our old patterns along with match plates (Hunter, Sinto, Rotolift, etc..), plus wood, plastic, and loose patterns.

Cores: whether wood, plastic, or metal tooling, we support all types of core processes, either made in-house or purchased from outside suppliers. 

Russelloy excels at making parts most large foundries would prefer not to make because of their low volume, high complexity or large casting size


Our engineers and quality department are here to help you come up with the correct solutions . Call our office to schedule an appointment or contact to learn more about what our team at Russelloy Foundry can do for you.




Todd Walter, President

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